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The blue candle is commonly used in the casting of healing spells. This spell is customized for those who are suffering from physical ailments and healing can be achieved with another person as well.

When this effective love spell is cast to cover more than one person, it is stronger and more effective. If you have undergone surgery or got involved in an accident, this blue candle spell is especially good for you.

You can also use it if you have suffered an emotional trauma – to heal it and bring happiness into your life. Since the blue candle spell does not bend any person’s will, you can cast it many times without suffering any negative consequences.

Here are the requirements for the blue candle spell

  • Light blue candle for healing mental sicknesses.

  • Dark blue candle if you suffer from physical health problems.

  • A piece of parchment that you will write your name on.

  1. First, you will light the candle.

  2. After that, concentrate on the healing energy (the blue one) and watch as it is being transformed into a ball over the burning candle.

  3. This might take a little bit of time, so you do not need to rush or force it.

  4. Let the light turn into a ball sitting on top of the flame.

  5. As soon as you envisage that, write your name or the name of the person whom you wish to receive healing on parchment paper and burn it sing the candle.

  6. After that, meditate on the energy and watch it being received by the person whom you would like to heal. And while this blue candle spell in ongoing.


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