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Effective Halloween Spells And Potions To Bring Good Luck

Halloween is a perfect time to bring good luck to your life. For these Halloween spells and potions, you will only need an orange candle that has never been used before and add three drops of lotus oil or cinnamon. These oils are very good for the spell because they have a very high vibrational frequency that facilitates the entry of positive energy into our life. At midnight on Halloween day, light the candle with a match.

You should then recite this enchantment three consecutive times:

Look at the flame and focus only on positive thoughts. Imagine the wheel of fortune turning in your favor. Feel as strong as you can, just like if you just won a prize.

The stronger your thoughts are, the more powerful the spell will be.

Do not doubt at any time about the effectiveness of these Halloween spells and potions, since otherwise, they will lose all their effectiveness. Leave the candle lit until November 1 and then the spell will be complete. Be careful where you put the candle. To avoid accidents, many advanced sorcerers choose to place their lit candles in the bathtub or sink to be left unattended.


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