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Djinn / Jinn Summoning and prayers that will you change your life.

As a Jinn / Djinn conjurer i work with a variety of problems: physical illnesses, emotional problems, and metaphysical problems – such as karmic imprints, demon possession, black magic curses, soul loss, and power loss. People contact me after they have tried other approaches to healing but have found that their problem persists .What is a Jinn?

Jinn / Djinn is a magical being, created out of smokeless fire. They are bestowed with enormous supernatural power, given to them directly from God. Even though they are believed to be created from fire, they still can interact with other people and objects in a tactile manner, or can be acted upon. Jinn / Djinn spirits are mentioned in many religious manuscripts, where they are free-willed, and can choose to be good, bad or neutral. To find a jinn / Djinn spirit is not easy, though if you search thoroughly enough, a jinn will grant some of your most sincere wishes. jinn when summoned on your behalf they can be a very friendly being and help you with:- ​

  • Manifestation of your wishes.

  • They can bring luck to a certain extent.

  • Offer unlimited wealth and riches.

  • Give prophecy to people.

What is a Khodam?

Khodams are religious entities that are delivered ahead by using purification of physique and soul via Islamic prayers, chants and robust trust in the lord. Some name it an angelic race of jinn. Unlike jinn who have their very own realm, the khodam does not. Their world is unknown. It is believed that a khodam is a reward given to you by means of Allah (SWT) when the desirable Islamic ritual have been completed. ​ Typically a khodam does now not intrude in human lives or provide inputs. Usually they show up in the structure or older guys dressed in white, with beards, or youthful accurate searching men. Female khodam have a tendency to have vibrant skin, type of like oil has been rubbed on them, and absolutely spherical eyes. They can't be used to harm everybody or revenge. They are often used for safety and growing intuition. Sheikh Bin Musa can help you summon a prefect Khadim for you.

What is a khodam?

Khadim is a word from Al Hikmah (Islamic Magics) that’s means a server, or helper. Also known as Hafadoh Angels, they are between the Djinn (Genies) and Angels. Unlike the Djinn, they are always good and beings higher in spiritual power, can always overcome problems caused by evil Djinn. Where as an angel is seen as a universal power rather than a personal one, the Khadim is the personal equivalent. You can compare this with the more popular notion of a guardian Angel. Khadim's provide personal protection, and cause spiritual growth and enlightenment. They are powerful beings of light provided by Allah for the sole purpose of protecting us, fulfilling our needs and aiding our growth towards enlightenment. As such, Khadim's are something no-one on a spiritual journey should be without. ​ Working with a Khadim ​ Apart from protection, Khadim's also provide guidance, spiritual growth and healing powers. Guidance often comes through an inner voice, through dreams or you are unconsciously led into beneficial situations. The power of a Khadim also enables you to heal and protect others, and to exorcise demons and remove black magics. Receiving a Khadim as your spiritual helper is easy. The power is passed on by a Master of the Al Hikmah science, and there are just a few simple prayers for you to perform daily for you to maintain it. The prayers are generally in Arabic, but short enough to learn easily. Though if you wish to become a Master and pass on Khadim's to others the discipline is far more intense. There are different levels of Khadim. The highest Khadim's cannot be commanded, but work automatically to protect you, guide you and uplift you to enlightenment. There are other Khadim helpers that can be requested to perform particular tasks or grant wishes. They are said to carry your prayers to Allah and ensure that they are heard. Incidentally, you don’t have to be Muslim to acquire a Khadim. They adapt to any tradition, and will help anyone who is on a spiritual journey.

What is a Djinn?

Jinn (Arabic: الجن‎‎, al-jinn), also Romanized as djinn or anglicized as genies (with the more broad meaning of demons), are supernatural creatures in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. An individual member of the jinn is known as a jinni, djinni, or genie (الجني, al-jinnī). Jinns (also spelled djinns) or genies are supernatural creatures that can shape-shift and provide humans with what seems like magical abilities. They also can take form as another living person or animal such as dogs and camels.

How Were Djinn Created?

Verses of the Quran and the Hadiths show unambiguously that the djinns were created of fire without smoke. According to Ibn Abbas, the expression "without smoke" means "end of the flame." Other scientists think that this expression means the purest of fires. What's important to know, quite simply, is that that the djinn were created of fire and therefore have a constitution completely different from ours. The djinn were created before man. While the djinn were made of fire, man was made of clay and angels created of light. In this way, the djinn are invisible. So if they are invisible, how do we know they exist? Many things exist that our eyes do not see, but their effects are perceptible, such as the air and electrical current. Also, this word was reported by Allah himself, and Allah does not lie.

Powerful Protection & Good Luck Jinn

Jinn Of Protection

The ring I have designed today is extremely powerful, it will give the wearer the protection he/she needs, if needed from the person they will be approaching, while giving them charisma that will also be noticed by the opposite party. Such an item is also great for protection from demonic entities and this is due to the type of stone, along with the verses on it, which also provide protection from entiti

Jinn Of Good Luck

This is a lucky leprechaun ring, it will bring its owner luck and wealth. Everyone knows that the leprechaun loves his wealth and will never part with it. If you wear this ring you will gain the luck of the leprechaun and money will also flow in your direction. Finally there is Gold on the other side of the rainbow. Now all you have to do is get this ring to find it. ​

Jinn Of Command

This is the Ring of Command, it gives your intentions and will power a very large boost. Through the ring you may use your will to command your surroundings. You will be able to influence every aspect of life as well as other people, just remember that you can never take another's free will away from them. Trying this will back fire.

Gambler's Jinn

If you truly wish to be one of the lucky ones to win big in the lottery, at the gaming tables, in love and in life, you must possess the legendary Gambler's jinn ​

  • Unexpected Money & Riches.

  • Finding Treasures

  • Luck in Games of Chance/Lottery

  • Financial Opportunity

Today I present an item, an item that can assist people in one thing, one thing that I get consistent emails about;"MONEY, FINANCES, OPPORTUNITIES & LUCK". ​ Money is very important to many of us. Each and every one of us wants to succeed in life, have opportunity and be in a stable financial position in life. ​

Queen Marid Jinn

  • Bring Wealth and prosperity, Unexpected money and wealth

  • Unexpected Windfall of riches Banishing Evil and harmful entities,

  • Bring Luck in gambling and lottery

  • Overcoming Obstacles in any work, Reverse Bad Luck

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