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Candle Spell To Attract the love of your life

Now when you need some kind of fast acting love spell that you can use to attract true love to a specific person to you, you can try the custom candle spell. The custom candle spell is a bit more complicated than the ones I mentioned above. In fact, you can make the custom candle yourself.

This personalized candle love spell like the rest does not require many ingredients to work. The main idea of this spell is in the process and not in the ingredient. Some of the ingredients needed to perform this spell are the following: INGREDIENTS

  • Candles (color matters)

  • Paper

  • Pen or pencil

There are not many steps involved in this custom candle spell, as I said above, it is about the process in this love spell and not the ingredient or the steps, although the ingredients and the step are also vital. This is because without the ingredient and the steps there is no spell either.

The steps involved in covering this spell are as follows:

Step 1: Light the candles; I said candles because you can use more than one color of the candle. Each color of the candle represents a particular meaning assigned to it. You can take, for example, red candles, they represent everything that is related to emotions. You can also consider the pink candle too, they represent a new romance or a kind of attraction that new lovers feel.

Step 2: After lighting the different types of candles, then you must take a piece of paper and write the different things you want from the spell just like in the spell we made with the honey pot. After you have written down the different things that you want about the person you are trying to enchant, be it more love, more attention, or something like that, place your writings next to each of the candles.


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