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Candle burns Love spell say the words and perform whatever ritual act your Need

Candle love spells are perfect for beginners. Candles are easy to find and incredibly powerful. Candles are usually anointed or “dressed” with oil before working with them. This is also called “consecrating” the candle and it is a ritual act that charges your candle in alignment with your intentions. As you rub the candle with the oil you have chosen for this spell, you will focus on your goal and visualize yourself having achieved it. Once you light the candle, sit for a few minutes and meditate on whatever you want. Chants, prayers, or affirmations aren’t always necessary, but they can make your spell more powerful. As the candle burns, you say the words and perform whatever ritual act your spell requires.

Stay safe

When you’re done, let the candles burn on their own and, unless the ritual dictates, allow them to burn out completely. As a safety warning, do not leave burning candles unattended. Stay in the same room or blow them away if you have to leave. Certain rituals, such as novenas, require you to turn them off and on again on the following days over a period of several days. Always practice candle safety.


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