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A Spell to Win a Court Case

Depending on what kind of legal issues you are dealing with, please remember – if you know the fault is actually yours,

please do not attempt to perform this ritual as the consequences can be devastating. Instead

, focusing on soul-healing rituals that will help you make better choices in the future. It also goes without saying that

you must not do anything that might aggravate the situation, such as arguing with the police or behaving badly in court.

Witch or not, you are still part of the society, and it’s much better for your energy to oblige at difficult times like

this. If you’re certain truth is on your side, the Court case spell will help you fight for justice! For this spell, you w

ill need to get: A handful of black poppy seeds A tablespoon of fresh honey A silver coin (symbolises justice) A small glass

bowl A silver spoon To cast the Court case spell: Find a well-lit room (natural light is preferred). Mix the poppy seeds with the

honey in your bowl using the silver spoon until well-combined. Remove the spoon and place the coin on top of the mixture.

It can start sinking if the honey you used is runny – this is normal.Court cases are costly and can cause anxiety and trauma to you and your family.

Luckily there are ways to find justice through rituals and spells.

If you are ever faced with any legal matter, here are some products and prayers that can help you win over your adversaries.

Court case spells to win any legal matter & stay out of jail. Legal spells to influence court verdict in your favor. Spells to get a court case dismissed or

freeze a court.

Get justice, fix your legal matters, get child custody & make the judge rule in your favor using voodoo court spells & witchcraft court case spells

Don't be a victim of the courts using powerful legal spells so that you take control of your fate using traditional healer spells & rituals to win a court case

Spells for victory in a court case to banish negative energy & bad luck using court case spells to win any court case whether you are the defendant or the accused.

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If some one who is close to you is arrested and is facing court cases then you may go for this powerful win court case spell.

If you are guilty or not guilty; you can use this spell to win over any court or legal matters.

With this spell your are sure to get victory in court. You will be protected against lawsuits. You will be protected from any type of problems related to law, judge, alimony from ex etc.

There are so many things that this spell, can do, so if you have any questions email me.

With this spell you will be free from all the justice; you will have success in all court matters and will win the court cases. All the legal matters will be in your favor. With the power of this spell the not only the judge, but lawyer and also jury will be in your favor.

This powerful Court Case spell will work on all those who are arrested and need to be out and be free immediately.

If there is a case on you going on for years and you are fed as there is no solution to this, then my court case spell will help you.

This spell will also work if you want to go for out of court settlements so that there will be a fast decision on your case and no more time or money will be wasted.

A Spell to Win a Court Case

So now no more sufferings for you, use the energy of the universe in the form of the spell and be free from all the court case and legal issues and make every thing in your favor.

As we all know that even by hiring a good lawyer, things may not be in your favor and may not work for you, if the day is bad or if you have too much negative energy around you, in that case my spell not only remove all the negative energies that is stopping your progress but also will give you success in all your court case and legal matters.

And this is the reason majority of people are turning to Magic Spells, and the positive energies that it emits are enough to give you all that you are looking for.

My Court Case spell has given positive results in extreme and worst situations where people have lost all the hopes of winning their case. All my spells are very safe


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